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Friday's Food for Thought #002

The new book by Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell masterclass, and a new brand of cashew butter.

A warm welcome to Friday's Food for Thought: the three things you could be doing right now to live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

What I am reading

What I am reading this week is How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. Bill Gates talks about the threat of climate change and why we must tackle this problem as soon as possible. He also discusses different ways to solve the problem and why we, as a society, are moving in the wrong direction. This book has changed my perspective of the world. It is a must-read for any entrepreneur looking to positively impact our planet and its inhabitants. It also gives insight into Gates' investment strategies.

What I am Watching

I've been a fan of Malcolm Gladwell's work for many years. He's one of my favorite writers and thinkers because he makes broad insights on complex subjects accessible. I'm a fan of his writing style: precise and straightforward, but at the same time, tasty. I'm also into his thinking style: provocative yet rational. It turns out that Malcolm is now teaching writing at MasterClass, an online school for learning professional skills. The first three readers that click on the following link receive a 7-day guest pass for free. I'll try to arrange more guest passes!

What I am Testing

Cashew butter is one of the best sources of monounsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, and magnesium. I use it frequently. I'm testing out a brand new brand from Bulk.com: 100% Natural Paste. Their cashew butter comes in a plastic tub, and it's sold in quantities of 500 grams and 1 kilo. The kilo tub sells for € 19,99, which is a pretty good price for cashew butter. The tub itself feels cheaper than I expected it to be. My full review is coming later this month, so stay tuned!

Hot Release: Five Miami

I've released a new track on my label Redesign Records. I invite you to check it out and support me with a thumbs up. Thanks!