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So, How Do You Retain a Mentor?

One of the biggest questions after "How do I find a mentor," is how you can keep that mentor involved in your career, business, or even life. In this post, I hope to inspire you to inspire your mentor.

Inspire each other.

You need to be both a hunter and a gatherer. Don't mistake a gatherer for a trophy hunter.

Hunting a good mentor does not equal finding rockstar entrepreneurs or experts.

Gathering the right people around you does not mean wasting time drinking coffee with people that seem interesting.

It’s about inspiring experts around you with interesting questions.

2018 Supernova conference in Brussels, Belgium

In the last four years, I have gathered eight people around me whom I see as a mentor.

If you have found and inspired some of those experts, you can even reward them by bringing them into contact with each other.

I do that consistently.

So I have regular meetings with my mentors.

In those meetings, I share inside information.

That has already helped me tremendously.

I now feel that I am growing daily, as an entrepreneur and as a person.

Every day you have a wonderful opportunity to meet new mentors.

What to do if you meet your mentors?

Try to inspire them with stimulating questions!.

I guarantee that if you go to work tomorrow and ask a strategic question to an expert, you always get an answer.

An answer that helps you further.

Which will allow you to look back with pleasure on watching this video.

I wish you all a lot of happiness, health, and success in your life  ...

But also the best mentor.