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UPW21: Day Two Closing the Gap

Looking back on the second day, I was able to get a lot of energy from the other participants. You will see continuous images of other participants jumping in their living rooms, offices, and gyms during the event.
UPW21: Day Two Closing the Gap

Today I woke up an hour later than usual: with stiff calves from jumping all day one and a spinning head full of ideas, I jump into the shower, excited for day two. So today, I prepare myself a little better for the time difference with Florida. Before 1 PM, I take an extra-long power nap of one hour.

The second day starts the same as the first day. First, an enthusiastic Karissa "KK" Kouchis warms us up and explains the rules of the event clearly. Then Egoscue coach Brian Bradley tells us about postures; today, how you sit behind on a chair; I'll write about that for you later. Then we dance and raise the energy level with the KINGRY fitness program, and the first speaker takes the stage for the morning session: ultimate performance specialist Joseph McClendon III.

How do you sit on a chair?

"Sitting is a sport," says coach Brian Badley. "When you're collapsed behind your desk, your system is only 60% efficient." In addition, your body will look thinner if you have the correct posture. "Everyone looks good from above your waist," he says. "Who wants to look good around your waist too?" He teaches us the well-known yoga exercise 'Cat-Cow,' but sitting on your chair. It provides better posture and a slimmer body. At Egoscue, they call it the Cat Dog exercise, as explained in this video (which I looked up for you, they did not show it at the event).

Smile with coach Joseph McClendon III

"We learn, on average, more in the first 12 years of our lives than after that," coach Joseph McClendon III has taken over. Also known as JM3. The reason children learn more because they have more fun: when you smile, you absorb better information. So we practice several times in a row to put a smile on our face at his command. A request he will regularly have throughout his morning program: smile!

Momentum Closing The Gap

Everyone successful has a coach, mentor, and teacher. Soon we dive into the matter because Joseph McClendon III is our teacher today, and the pace is fast. We learn how to create a positive mindset. On command: Neuro-Associative Conditioning. We will go through the following techniques:

  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • Your Memory File
  • The Power of Beliefs
  • 3 Beliefs for Lasting Success
  • 3 Steps to Lasting Change
  • The Science of Momentum
  • Step 1: Find Your Passion exercise
  • Step 2: Decide, Commit, and Resolve Exercise

Long-winded: Simon Says game

Joseph McClendon III plays the Simon Says game with us, which he uses as an example throughout the learning process. Unfortunately, this game was too long-winded, and I still don't understand why it is used in training. It took the pace out of the flow I had gotten into since day one.

A shot of dopamine

Dopamine gives a good feeling. Three friendly exercises from Joseph McClendon III that I want to share with you are:

  • Extend one arm up and bend forward—Pat yourself on the back.
  • Jump in the air and give yourself a virtual high five.
  • As described earlier: put a smile on your face more often, even if you want to write something complicated or perform a complex task.

With both, you can program yourself for success and a reward in a shot of dopamine. I am confident this works.

Finding my passion

I am immensely grateful to Joseph McClendon III for this morning session because I could articulate my passion well in this exercise and find out what was blocking me. I came to the surprising discovery that in 2010 (sell companies) and 20212 (juice fast with Joe Cross), I made slightly different decisions than I do in 2021, but expect the same outcomes:

  • End freedom and stop fighting
  • Allowing health and energy into my life

We discussed the outcomings with small groups in Zoom breakout sessions and did a wrap-up. With that, Joseph McClendon III concluded his session, and after a short food break, it was time for the second half of the day session with coach Scott Haris.

The second part of the day: coach Scott Haris

Like all speakers, coach Scott Haris also emerged in a sea of ​​light and music blaring, and within a minute, it was clear why he was here: to help change your beliefs: "Your beliefs aren't true, they are just real." He took us through the following exercises at a rapid pace:

  • 5 Keys to Asking Intelligently
  • Closing the Gap (a film starring Tony Robbins)
  • The Core of Emotional Fitness
  • 7 Forces of Business Mastery (bonus)

7 Forces of Business Mastery (bonus)

As a bonus, Scott gave us an inside look at the Rony Robbins events on how to get rich and grow your business. They mainly use themselves as coaches and their billionaire clients they have spoken to as examples. The system he was talking about is dealing with the following seven elements:

  • First, what business are you really in?
  • Constant Strategic Innovation - if you're doing the same thing as six months ago, you are behind
  • CANI or World-Class Marketing & Communicating What is Important
  • CANI of Sales Mastery Systems
  • Constant Anticipation - The Power of Financial & Legal Analysis
  • Constant Optimization & Maximization
  • Constantly Create Raving Fans & Culture

Todd Hartley of WireBuzz

In came a video of Todd Hartley - an entrepreneur who has become a coach at Tony Robbins. The bottom line is that he was hesitant at first about the high price of the follow-up training and now explained how good it was for him to focus on growing himself. According to Todd, his company WireBuzz has grown enormously after following the activity. He earned seven times more than before in three seconds. He has become so enthusiastic that he is now a trainer at Tony Robbins and has already started three new companies. As a result of the training, he now mainly works on his business and not in his business.

Closing the Gap with Tony Robbins

As an ultimate exercise, they played a video. The package that belongs to the event included a sleeping mask. With the sleep mask on, I listened to Tony's voice for half an hour. At the same time, I had to stand firmly anchored. In the half-hour, Tony talks to you and asks you to think about where you want to be in two years; you describe what your life will look like then. You celebrate. Backed by dramatic Star Wars music. However, now the music gets darker, and Tony catapults you back to the present, where you have to think about where you are now. Then he connects the feeling of 'in the future and now and closes the gap with you. In the end, we jump and dance again. The positive sentiment anchored in my system, I could always fall back on it. It was an excellent exercise for me. I honestly felt gratified and free. I thought it was a nice end to the day.

I called it a night

The sessions continued. I took some rest. When I doubted whether I should go to sleep or continue with the event for a long time, I looked at the live streams. There would still be 43 minutes of sales sessions for further training. I have shut down the computer. Time to do what I decided for myself today, on the guidance of Tony, JM3, and Scott: I'm going to take action: sleep, work on my health.

The experience of day two

Looking back on the second day, I was able to get a lot of energy from the other participants. You will see continuous images of other participants jumping in their living rooms, offices, and gyms during the event. You can feel the vibe of the spaces where they are active, family members, and pets. After two days, everyone is so used to those images that it comes across as authentic. It gives me a feeling of community and connection. Although the morning was sometimes a bit wordy, and the afternoon was very too on-topic for me: entrepreneurship and dealing with the consequences of wealth are both my profession in daily life. I am proud of the fact that I did several exercises well. I have gained insight and discovered that I am in the same process as ten years ago, but now I have control and feel great, sharing it with thousands of beautiful people.

Thank you for reading. I hope it inspires you to live a healthy, happy, and successful life. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I am writing this to help you further.