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Winners of the Entrepreneurship Awards

Nyenrode Business Universiteit organizes the Entrepreneurship Awards for financial economics students who want to experience whether entrepreneurship is something for them. Do you want to know how such a program works? Then I wrote this post for you and I hope stat it's interesting to read.

Do you want to know what ideas students have in 2021 and where they would like to invest their energy and time as entrepreneurs? These are the eleven investor pitches from Nyenrode Business University that we reviewed yesterday. According to the fellow students and the jury of investors, the winner was the team of Golden Poops, a raw dog food startup focused on the Chinese market.

Team 1 Chilji

Storytelling around chili products

Team 2 Concrete Mos

Green roof tiles - the structure of the tile makes it possible to grow moss on your roof.

Team 3 Discovr

Calm people with dementia down and increase efficiency for health care providers using Virtual Reality.

Team 4 Sterke Start

Every morning an excellent, customized nutritional breakfast is delivered to your door.

Team 5 Face Lock

Revolutionize the way you open your hotel door, making use of disposable face recognition.

Team 6 Let’s Walk About

Experience the local things with local tour guides on your mobile phone.

Team 7 Alt. Vest

Invest in every asset you want by unifying a group into one investor.

Team 8 Spice Up

Spice Up your sensual life with a subscription box curated by sexologists.

Team 9 Golden Poops

A customized, raw dog food subscription for the Chinese market.

Team 10 Free Spirit

Alcohol-free drinks subscription box customized to consumer behavior.

Team 11 Konfi.nl

Configuring furniture with multiple products in one room.

Winner: Golden Poops

Nyenrode Business University's Ger Zwartendijk announcing the winner: Golden Poops


Ard Jol & Aart Zandbergen

This program's mission is to teach and promote entrepreneurship, build, strengthen, and empower the community through experiential learning. The eleven teams worked on their ideas and pitches, and collaborate with like-minded, innovative, driven, and passionate individuals.