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Top Techno Radio Shows That Consistently Deliver

Top Techno Radio Shows That Consistently Deliver

Each week, as I share the latest in techno through The Midnight Project, I also draw inspiration from a myriad of other fantastic techno radio shows around the globe. These shows are pivotal in shaping the sounds and vibes we cherish.

Here’s a list of some top techno radio shows that consistently deliver the energy and depth that inspire me.

  1. Drumcode Radio Live - Adam Beyer’s Drumcode is an essential listen for anyone who thrives on robust and inventive techno. Dive into the sounds here.
  2. Transmissions - Boris’s Transmissions packs a punch with energetic, cutting-edge tracks perfect for any techno enthusiast. Tune in here.
  3. CLR Radio - Chris Liebing curates some of the most intense and immersive techno experiences available on air. Experience it here.
  4. Awakenings - Bringing the essence of the famed techno festival to your speakers, Awakenings Podcast is dedicated to a diverse series of techno sets. Listen here.
  5. Ibiza Global Radio - While it covers a broader spectrum of electronic music, this station features sets that reflect the dynamic Ibiza scene. Check it out at Ibiza Global Radio.
  6. Beenoise Attack - For those who appreciate a deeper dive into techno, Beenoise offers just that. Explore deeper here.
  7. DI.FM - Curated by Johan N. Lecander, Digitally Imported's main techno channel brings the true spirit to your ears: 24/7. Tune in here.
  8. In the Mood - This podcast by Nicole Moudaber is perfect for listeners who crave soul in their techno. Listen here.
  9. Tronic - If you're into peak hour techno and innovation, Tronic by Christian Smith is a must-listen. Dive into the depth here.
  10. Ben Sims' Run It Red - Ben Sims delivers an eclectic mix of new and exciting techno tracks in his monthly show, Run It Red, ideal for those who keep their pulse on the future of techno. Engage with the latest episodes here.

These are some of the most influential platforms for quality techno, each bringing a unique element to the genre. Be sure to tune into my latest episode at The Midnight Project for your weekly fix of fresh techno tracks.

Tag me in your thoughts on these shows or suggest any new artists you’d love to hear in our upcoming sessions. Your insights help me keep the techno spirit vibrant and evolving.

Sebastiaan Hooft