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Join the Revolution in Techno Music: Sebastiaan Hooft's Exclusive Weekly Show Awaits You

Each week, Sebastiaan Hooft curates a vibrant selection of 10-15 tracks, showcasing the latest and most exclusive beats in techno. Many of these tracks are so fresh they're yet to hit the mainstream, offering you a first-hand listen to the future of the genre.
Join the Revolution in Techno Music: Sebastiaan Hooft's Exclusive Weekly Show Awaits You

Dive into the pulsating heart of the techno music scene with Sebastiaan Hooft, an acclaimed techno DJ. His weekly show isn't just about music; it's about experiencing the future of techno. With 10-15 handpicked new tracks each week, many yet-to-be-released, Sebastiaan's show is your exclusive gateway to the next big hits in techno.

Unique Show

Sebastiaan's show offers an unprecedented listening experience, featuring the freshest sounds in techno. It's more than a playlist; it's a pioneering journey through uncharted musical territories, previewing tracks that set the global techno scene alight.

Recent Episode Highlights

In our most recent show, we unveiled tracks that are redefining techno. Highlights include Apollo by Space 92, a hypnotic blend of beats and rhythms, and Dessert Queen by Adam Beyer, which is already stirring excitement in the underground techno circles.

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