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Out now: Magazine

Out now: Magazine

Happy Friday! I've got some electrifying news to kickstart your weekend. My new track, "Magazine," is out now! This release is extraordinary because it's part of Taktschleife's Berghain sampler, "Modern Times,"—a project that excited me when I got the invite.

Listen to "Magazine"

You can listen to the full DJ album on Spotify here and my track "Magazine" on other platforms via Songshare.

Taktschleife's decision to release my DJ set as the main album of "Modern Times" is an incredible honor. This mix features stellar tracks from techno talents like Oliver Deutschmann, Drumcomplex, Bee Lincoln, LAD, Smilla, EÒNAN, Zakari&Blange, Skurilla, Lukas Stern, and, of course, my own track "Magazine."

Join the Celebration

Let's celebrate this release together! Share with your friends, and let the techno vibes flow. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the album.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Let's keep the beats rolling and make this weekend one to remember!

Sebastiaan Hooft