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The Midnight Project #098

The Midnight Project #098

It's another brilliant Wednesday, which means a fresh episode of The Midnight Project is ready to transform your morning into an extraordinary journey.

The Midnight Project by Sebastiaan Hooft
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In this week's episode, we explore the intricate layers of D.Mongelos's track "Higher," a true testament to his expertise in crafting deep, enveloping techno soundscapes that resonate with our innermost emotions. The spotlight also shines on the Rebūke Extended Remix of deadmau5's "Not Exactly." Rebūke adds a fresh intensity to the iconic track, turning it into a relentless force bound to energize every listener. A special moment in this episode is my remix of Slim Black's "Eternum." It's always a unique journey to reinterpret another artist's work.

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Molinos de Viento: Spanish lessons

The mugs at Molinos de Viento. Counting down the days until our Spanish adventure begins post-summer. The journey continues, and the excitement builds!

Excitingly, I started my Spanish lessons this Monday at the oldest institute in Amsterdam, Molinos de Viento. It's been a Spanish language and culture hub for over 40 years, located in a stunning building in the heart of the city. They're renowned not just for their high-quality teaching but also for their warm atmosphere and close-knit community. Learning Spanish is not just about adding a skill; it's about connecting more deeply with diverse cultures and bringing more of that global vibe to our show. I can't wait to visit their paella night.

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Until next week, keep the volume up and let the music fuel your soul!

Sebastiaan Hooft

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