About Sebastiaan Hooft

About Sebastiaan Hooft
Photo Credits: Joost Nuijten (2023)

Sebastiaan Hooft is an Amsterdam-based techno DJ producer and author known for his dynamic sound and electrifying performances. Combining classic techno elements with modern production techniques, Sebastiaan's music creates a unique, high-energy experience that captivates fans worldwide.

From age thirteen, Sebastiaan displayed a passion for electronic dance music, producing and selling mixtapes at school. Today, his dedication to his craft has led to numerous accomplishments, including hosting The Midnight Project and writing a bestselling book, Redesign. In 2023, his music was released on respected labels like Springstoff, Shodan, and his label Redesign Records.

Sebastiaan's performances are characterized by powerful mixing, mature transitions, and a captivating presence that leaves audiences wanting more. Subtly incorporating wellness elements into his social media and newsletters, Sebastiaan showcases a harmonious balance between the exciting world of techno and a commitment to living a happy, and healthy lifestyle.

His innovative approach and ability to connect with fans have earned him a loyal following. Sebastiaan has shared the stage with renowned DJs and played at European festivals and clubs.

In addition to his DJ career, Sebastiaan is a sought-after speaker, sharing his journey and insights on self-improvement from his book and the positive impact of life choices on mental and physical wellbeing.

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