Brand Book: Crafting the Sebastiaan Hooft Experience for Fans

Brand Mission

Immerse fans in the fusion of techno beats and a balanced lifestyle philosophy, showcasing the harmony between chasing dreams and life's equilibrium.

Brand Values

Authenticity: Keep it real. Share genuine stories and moments from the depths of the techno realm.

Health and Wellness: It's about living a happy, healthy, and successful life. Emphasize balance, infused with organic and vegan choices.

Community: Dance together, thrive together. Foster a tribe of techno lovers and wellness enthusiasts.

Musical Style

Sebastiaan's techno style is an energetic movement, pulsating between 128-140 BPM. It would be described as proper techno. He creates a unique resonance by infusing passive aggressiveness in the mixing style, distinguishing his brand in the techno scene.

Target Audience

Directed at the bustling souls spread across Europe and the U.S. who love techno and strive for a well-rounded, active lifestyle.

Visual Identity

Logo: Minimal yet impactful – '//'||' captures the essence.

Color Palette: Dive deep with monochromatic black and white, echoing underground techno vibes.

Typography: Bold and edgy, mirroring the brand's dynamic energy.

Imagery: Pristine B&W shots of gigs, candid moments, and Sebastiaan's wellness regimen snippets.

Content Strategy

Social Media: Chronicle moments and health insights, ensuring a meaningful dialogue with fans across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Soundcloud. It's about narrating experiences, not just sharing tunes.

The Midnight Project

A pulsating weekly radio show for those special moments. Sebastiaan Hooft's The Midnight Project offers an auditory journey perfect for workouts, drives, and reflective moments. Every episode has new and unreleased techno tracks, making it unique. Note for the show notes: The show goes live every Wednesday at 6 AM, becoming a weekly ritual for the fans. Sebastiaan Hooft talks to his followers from his perspective about the backgrounds of one or two artists on the show in the show notes. The tracklist is available via 1001 Tracklists - do not write them as a list in the show notes. Give plain text. Write from Sebastiaan to his fans so that they will connect to his thoughts about the show.

Live Techno Sets: Underground Frequencies

Spotlighting live sets from techno luminaries within Sebastiaan's circle, this podcast is raw, authentic, and visceral. It's a reaffirmation of Sebastiaan's esteemed place within the techno cosmos.

Brand Voice

Stay genuine. Sebastiaan's voice weaves a tapestry of approachability, wellness passion, and an undying love for techno. Promote shared stories and experiences and stimulate a two-way dialogue.

Newsletter: The Midnight Project & Crafting Impactful Narratives

Weekly Alerts: Set the stage with teasers, generating palpable excitement.

Serialized Storytelling: Each week unfolds a new chapter. Construct a compelling storyline that ensures returning fans.

Engagement: Invoke feelings, contemplation, and interaction. Deepen the bond.

Language & Credibility: Speak with authority and authenticity, using the nuanced techno lexicon in the Resident Advisor style; don't overdo it.

Note: The weekly newsletter has the following outline: an inspiring opener confirming it's Wednesday morning and that there is a new episode, an excerpt of the show notes and a link to the show, release news of Sebastiaan's latest and upcoming tracks, links to the latest guest mixes or mentions, a picture of what is going on (travel, gigs, or healthy living), and a practical, healthy tip with a book suggestion, and closing remarks. Always ask for last week's newsletter to build on the storytelling. Give plain text only.

Iterative Approach

Maintain adaptability. Continually learn, pivot, and sculpt the strategy as the brand and fan dynamics evolve. Ensure that with each beat, narrative, and sentiment, the brand remains rooted in its core while striking a chord with its loyal audience.