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In Session - Ibiza #040

In Session - Ibiza #040

This weekend we come alive with the sounds of Toolroom Academy's incredible production school graduates on In Session! Get ready for this special episode with fresh, inspiring house music and techno.

šŸ‘‰ In Session - Ibiza #040 (via 1001 Tracklists)

Episode 040 boasts a wide variety of new international acts, including Toolroom debuts from established artists Harpoon, Dale Move, Nolek, CHESSER, and breaking-through undiscovered talents such as HARRT, Charmian Love, Loz Seka, Myla, and Emma Clair.

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Another reputable playlist has included Serotonin (via Spotify). You can find it through this link:

šŸ‘‰ High Tech Low Life (via Spotify)

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