To make sure your submission to The Midnight Project (TMP) and Techno Live Sets (TLS) meets their specific guidelines and increases your chances of a successful submission, here are the refined instructions, including the details about the duration of mixes and sets:

Specific Instructions for Each Platform

The Midnight Project (TMP)

  1. Create Your Studio Mix:
    • Record a studio mix that is exactly one hour long. The duration is strict to fit their programming schedule.
    • Focus on featuring your productions as much as possible.
    • Include as many unreleased productions as possible
    • Include at least one or two tracks from Redesign Records within your mix.
    • Don't use bumpers or intros- send a clean mix.
    • It needs to be an unique mix- for The Midnight Project only
  2. Format and Label Your Mix:
    • Convert your mix into an MP3 file, ensuring it is correctly labeled with your name or artist's name and the intended submission title.
  3. Prepare a Detailed Tracklist:
    • List all tracks included in the mix, providing artist names, track titles, and record labels.
    • Add it as a clean list in a .txt file
  4. Submission:
    • Email the MP3 file and the tracklist directly to Sebastiaan Hooft using the contact information provided in your invitation. Include a personal note or cover letter briefly introducing the mix and your connection or prior communications with him.

Techno Live Sets (TLS)

  1. Record Your Live Set:
    • Record a live set that can last up to four hours. I prefer more extended sets as they provide a more immersive experience for listeners.
    • Emphasize your original tracks to showcase your unique sound.
    • Small mixing mistakes are okay; it adds to the vibe since it's a live mix.
  2. Format Your Recording:
    • Save your live set as an MP3 file, clearly tagged with your artist name and session information.
  3. Compile the Tracklist:
    • Include every track played in the set, with complete details for each track (artist names, track titles, and labels) for identification and licensing purposes.
    • Add it as a clean list in a .txt file
  4. Send Your Submission:
    • Email Sebastiaan Hooft with your live set MP3 and tracklist. Make sure to use the specific email address given to you. Attach any additional information, such as a brief artist bio or links to your work.

Additional Recommendations

  • Quality Check: Before submitting, listen to your mix or set through different audio systems (headphones, speakers) to ensure no audio issues.
  • Personalize Your Submission: Since both TMP and TLS accept submissions by invitation only, personalize your communications. Mention how you know Sebastiaan or refer to any previous interaction to reinforce your submission.
  • Follow-Up: If you do not receive a response within a reasonable timeframe, a polite follow-up email is appropriate to confirm receipt and express your continued interest.

These detailed steps should help you effectively prepare and submit your guest mix or live set to TMP and TLS, addressing their specific requirements and preferences for submission length and content.