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The Midnight Project #082

The Midnight Project #082

Good morning, Midnighters! It's Wednesday again, and you know what that means – a fresh episode of The Midnight Project is here to energize your day.

The Midnight Project #082

The Midnight Project by Sebastiaan Hooft
Discover fresh techno with The Midnight Project. Weekly new releases, energizing workout mixes, and exclusive underground tracks await you.

Today's episode is a special one. First up, we've got 'Raving Adventure' remixed by yours truly. Horatio and Pagano originally crafted this gem, and I couldn't resist adding my spin. As for the rest of the lineup, it's a mix of familiar names and fresh talents. Each artist brings something special, creating a diverse and immersive experience. Remember, you can find the full tracklist on 1001 Tracklists.

Hola Desde España

Here, I soak up our first sun from the Netherlands to Spain.
We found this place in France to relax and spend Christmas Eve before driving into Spain.

My search for a new home continues across Spain's sunny, serene landscapes. I'm looking for a remote yet radiant place, a sanctuary for creativity. Suggestions are more than welcome! Hit reply if you have them.

Healthy Tip

It's crucial to stay nourished on the road. Grapefruits are a great choice – packed with vitamin C and hydrating properties, they're a natural energy booster. Pair them with seeds and nuts rich in essential fats and proteins for a balanced, on-the-go snack. It's what I do while traveling through Spain.

Book Tip

Learn how to play harder, breathe easier, and live better without losing any results you've worked so hard to achieve.

As many of you know, making music and writing books are not just my passions but also my livelihood. I recommend my book, "Redesign: Becoming a Happy, Healthy and Successful Entrepreneur." It reflects my journey and insights from fifteen years of entrepreneurship, and I'd be incredibly grateful for your support. Your purchase helps fuel my creative endeavors.

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2024! Your energy and passion are the heart of The Midnight Project. Let's keep this rhythm going strong.

Stay inspired and connected,
Sebastiaan Hooft

P.S. Missed the tracklist of the last episode? Find it on 1001 Tracklists. And for a live listening experience, tune in to DI.FM at 4 PM (CET).