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The Midnight Project #107

Stay connected, stay positive, and keep the techno spirit alive!
The Midnight Project #107

Good morning, and welcome to another exhilarating Wednesday! Episode #107 of The Midnight Project is now live, ready to fuel your day with the latest and greatest.

The Midnight Project by Sebastiaan Hooft
Discover fresh techno with The Midnight Project. Weekly new releases, energizing workout mixes, and exclusive underground tracks await you.

This week's episode of The Midnight Project features three exciting remixes by Mha Iri, Bart Skils, and me. Also, we have six techno exclusives! Dive into the full tracklist at 1001 Tracklists: https://www.1001tracklists.com/source/80bhhv/the-midnight-project/index.html.

Remix Coming Up

I’m thrilled my remix for Stagira's "Busy Child" is coming up. You can catch a sneak peek on SoundCloud: https://songshare.com/track/g2lq1xia. The original track by Stagira is already a masterpiece, and adding my touch to it has been an exciting journey. Stay tuned for its official release!

Pre-Order Raftek Remix

I'm stoked that the Raftek Remix of "Pesante Castigo" was played by Sole Dosi at the 909 Festival! We're excited to announce that the remix is now available for pre-order on my label, Redesign. Check it out at Beatport.

Learning to Rebalance

This week, I want to share a chapter from my book, Redesign: Becoming a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Entrepreneur. Specifically, let's delve into the chapter titled "Learning to Rebalance." In this chapter, I recount my near-death experience and how it transformed my perspective on life and success.

I once lived the high-paced life of a rock star entrepreneur, constantly working from dawn until midnight, seven days a week. Despite my financial success and public recognition, my health deteriorated rapidly. It all culminated in a total burnout that landed me in the hospital. This pivotal experience led me to realize the importance of balance in both personal and professional life.

The chapter is crucial for anyone navigating the pressures of entrepreneurship or high-stakes careers. It emphasizes that true success isn't just about financial achievements but also about maintaining mental and physical health. The lessons from this chapter are especially relevant to my readers and listeners, who often juggle demanding schedules. I want you to thrive not only in your careers but also in your personal lives.

Remember, it’s not human nature to be unhappy. Aristotle believed in the science of happiness, which involves fulfilling a broad range of conditions, including mental and physical well-being. This philosophy is at the core of my book and my approach to life.

As we embrace the new week with Episode #107 of The Midnight Project and look forward to exciting new releases like my remix of "Busy Child," let's remember these lessons: Balance is key to sustaining our passion for music and life.

Stay connected, share the love with fellow techno fans, and subscribe to The Midnight Project. Your feedback means the world to me, so comment with your favorite track from this episode or recommend an artist you’d love to hear in the next show.

Keep the techno spirit alive, and here’s to a fantastic week ahead!

Sebastiaan Hooft

Full tracklist at 1001 Tracklists: https://www.1001tracklists.com/source/80bhhv/the-midnight-project/index.html