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The Midnight Project 2024 Techno Summer Special

The Midnight Project 2024 Techno Summer Special

The Midnight Project offers an electrifying selection of the best summer 2024 techno tracks to elevate your workouts, drives, and reflective moments this summer.

Here's a deep dive into the artists and tracks featured in this special episode. Here are the 27 best peak-hour techno tracks of summer 2024:

  1. Joyhauser - Wasted (Bart Skils Remix)
    The powerhouse remix by Bart Skils, a staple in the techno scene known for his dynamic sets and productions, starts the set. Joyhauser's original "Wasted" gets an intense rework, bringing a hypnotic drive that sets the perfect tone for our summer special.
  2. SUDO - Real World
    Next, we dive into the dark, pulsating beats of SUDO. Known for their deep, immersive sounds, "Real World" exemplifies the duo's ability to blend atmospheric elements with driving basslines, creating a mesmerizing and energizing track.
  3. Teenage Mutants - Exposition (Original Mix)
    Bringing a melodic yet hard-hitting vibe, Teenage Mutants' "Exposition" showcases their signature style, making them a favorite in the global techno community. This track is a journey through intricate soundscapes and powerful rhythms.
  4. Adam Beyer - Ghost Kiss
    A legend in the techno world, Adam Beyer's "Ghost Kiss" is a masterclass in tension and release. Beyer's ability to craft deep and uplifting tracks shines through, making this a standout moment.
  5. Fabio Salvati - Basiliscus (Original Mix)
    From the vaults of Redesign Records, Fabio Salvati delivers "Basiliscus," a track that melds intricate rhythms with a pulsating bassline. Salvati's attention to detail and innovative sound design are on full display, making this track a must-listen.
  6. Marie Vaunt - Techno Acid 303 (Extended Mix)
    Marie Vaunt takes us back to the roots of techno with "Techno Acid 303." This extended mix is a relentless journey through acid-laced beats and driving energy, perfect for the dancefloor.
  7. Thomas Schumacher, Lilly Palmer - I Am Machine (Original Mix)
    A collaboration that combines two techno heavyweights, "I Am Machine" is a powerful, gritty track combining Thomas Schumacher's production prowess with Lilly Palmer's intense performance style.
  8. Slim Black - Eternum (Sebastiaan Hooft Remix)
    My remix of Slim Black's "Eternum" adds a fresh, energetic twist. It blends melodic elements with driving beats, making it a highlight and showcasing my unique sound that resonates with Midnighters.
  9. Liquid Soul - Crazy People (Victor Ruiz Remix)
    Victor Ruiz's remix of "Crazy People" by Liquid Soul is a rollercoaster of deep basslines and soaring synths. Ruiz's ability to transform tracks into epic dancefloor anthems is evident here, making it an essential track in our summer special.
  10. Eli Brown, Layton Giordani - When I Push (Original Mix)
    This collaboration between Eli Brown and Layton Giordani is a high-energy track that combines heavy beats with intricate synth work. "When I Push" is produced to keep you moving with its relentless energy and infectious groove.
  11. Alex Stein - The Chant
    Alex Stein's "The Chant" is a deep, tribal-infused track with a unique flavor. Stein's ability to blend traditional elements with modern techno beats creates a captivating listening experience. It is an absolute Beatport chart hit.
  12. Kos:mo - Crescendo (Original Mix)
    "Crescendo" by Kos:mo is a journey through evolving soundscapes and rising energy. The track builds with intensity, making it a perfect addition to our lineup. It captures the essence of a perfect summer festival.
  13. Belocca - Rudeboy Ramping
    Belocca's "Rudeboy Ramping" is a bold, aggressive track that brings an edge to the mix. Known for his powerful productions, Belocca delivers a track to ignite festivals globally.
  14. Layton Giordani - New Generation (Space 92 Remix)
    Space 92's remix of Layton Giordani's "New Generation" is a futuristic take on the original, focusing on deep basslines and crisp percussion. This remix adds a new dimension to the track, making it a standout.
  15. Eli Brown - I Got Money (Extended Mix)
    Eli Brown's "I Got Money" is an anthem of the underground, with its heavy beats and catchy hooks. This extended mix provides a relentless drive perfect for any techno set.
  16. Marie Vaunt - The Chosen (Extended Mix)
    Another entry from Marie Vaunt, "The Chosen," is a track that showcases her signature sound. The extended mix allows for an immersive experience, blending hypnotic elements with driving energy.
  17. Sebastiaan Hooft - Vault (Original Mix)
    "Vault" is a deep dive into my sound. This track combines melodic elements with powerful rhythms, making it a key highlight in our summer special.
  18. Sebastiaan Hooft - Magazine (Original Mix)
    "Magazine" is another standout, released on Taktschleife as a DJ Mix on Spotify. The track's intricate melodies and driving beats showcase creating tracks that resonate with Berghain fans.
  19. Sebastiaan Hooft - Void (Original Mix)
    Closing out my contributions is "Void," a track that encapsulates blending emotion with intensity. Released on Redesign Records, this track is a powerful addition to the summer special.
  20. Michele Conte - Field Days Ben Belter Remix
    Ben Belter's remix of Michele Conte's "Field Days" is a smooth blend of deep house and techno. The remix brings a fresh perspective to the original, making it a perfect track for the summer vibes.
  21. Adam Beyer & Bart Skils - Your Mind (Jody 6 Hard Techno Remix)
    This hard techno remix by Jody 6 takes the original collaboration between Adam Beyer and Bart Skils to new heights. The remix is a high-octane track that will get any crowd moving.
  22. DJ Jordan - Improved Hybrid Model (N.O.B.A Remix)
    N.O.B.A's remix of DJ Jordan's "Improved Hybrid Model" blends tech-house and techno. It adds a fresh, modern twist to the original, making it a standout track.
  23. Felix - Don't You Want Me (Stretch's Edit)
    Stretch's edit of Felix's classic "Don't You Want Me" brings a new energy to the iconic track. This edit is a perfect fusion of nostalgia and modern techno beats.
  24. Hanstler - Hydration (Original Mix)
    Hanstler's "Hydration" is a track with a refreshing vibe. The production is a journey through lush soundscapes and intricate rhythms.
  25. Nik Kastel - Organized Chaos
    "Organized Chaos" by Nik Kastel is a high-energy track that blends chaotic elements with structured beats. This track is a perfect representation of Kastel's innovative approach to techno.
  26. Spartaque - Lost In (Original Mix)
    Spartaque's "Lost In" is a deep, driving track that captures the essence of the underground techno scene. The original mix is a powerful addition to our summer special.
  27. Sisko Electrofanatik, T78 - So Loud (Original Mix)
    Closing out the episode is "So Loud" by Sisko Electrofanatik and T78. This track is a relentless techno anthem that brings a high-energy ending, finishing the summer special on a high note.

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