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The Midnight Project #027

The Midnight Project #027

Are you ready for The Midnight Project episode 027 and my latest free download, Protection, now listed at #15 on the Hypeddit Techno Charts?

The Midnight Project #027

Listen to episode 027 of The Midnight Projet via my website or your favorite podcast player. Don't miss out; it's sure to be one for the books!


  1. The Creator (Original Mix) - DJ Dextro
  2. El Ruiseñor (Extended Mix) - Castion
  3. Somebody to Love - Horatio Ft. Ali Mist
  4. Persona (Original Mix) - UMEK
  5. Detroit (Axel Karakasis Mutation) - Thomas Hoffknecht
  6. Mr. Robot (Original Mix) - Ramon Tapia, Jo Poole
  7. Marco is Back - Antonio Grassia
  8. Thrill (Extended Mix) - Gregor Potter, Linka, Maddix
  9. NYWTF (Extended Mix) - Chloe Caillet
  10. Acid Fatality - SYM
  11. Cassus Belli (Original Mix) - djseanEboy
  12. Formulate (Extended Mix) - Franky Wah
  13. I Am Not Surprised (Original Mix-) - Aitor Ronda
  14. Neutral (Original Mix) - Sebastiaan Hooft

Making waves with 'Protection'

My latest free download, 'Protection,' is a solid addition to my catalog of electronic music. It is available on Soundcloud - give it a listen - and it's making waves in the Hypeddit charts as a Top 20 Chart Breaker free download!