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The Midnight Project 058 + A Surprise Inside

The Midnight Project 058 + A Surprise Inside

Get ready to immerse yourself in another electrifying week of The Midnight Project. I'm here to fuel your week with vibrant techno and a sprinkle of wellness. So, let's dive right in!

The Midnight Project 058

The Midnight Project by Sebastiaan Hooft
Listen to the weekly The Midnight Project radio show by DJ producer Sebastiaan Hooft.

Coming your way is another spectacular episode of The Midnight Project! Kick-starting the show is a surprise, an exclusive ID, a labor of love that has kept me hooked to the studio. This track will surely transport you into the opening of a festival. I made a track with Carl Cox playing it in mind. Alongside this, the centerpiece of this week's episode is my bootleg version of "Bleckentrommel," a tribute to the timeless classic designed to light up your spirit.

A Token of Gratitude

"Bleckentrommel," a classic that has inspired countless music lovers, including myself, got a new lease of life in my studio. I hope my version pays homage to the original while infusing a fresh vibe that I can't wait for you to experience in this week's episode.

In appreciation of your steadfast support, I'm thrilled to offer you a free download of the "Bleckentrommel" (Sebastiaan Hooft Bootleg) on SoundCloud. Get ready to turn up the volume and let loose right here!

A Nod from Horatio

TECHNO VLOG 1 | Horatio

Guess who mentioned my book 'Redesign' recently? None other than the remarkable producer and Shodan owner, Horatio! Having my work recognized by such a respected figure in the industry is a joy. Thank you, amigo; I love you! Check out his vlog here, and maybe someone can add English subtitles.

Your Weekly Health Boost

Jumping on my fitness trampoline is a fantastic way to stay healthy. The full-body workout it provides improves heart health and is kind to the joints. Plus, it boosts the immune system by stimulating lymphatic circulation. What do I love most? Bouncing to the beat while tuning into my favorite health podcast.

Your wellness matters! I've been having a blast keeping up my fitness with my trusty Jumpsport trampoline. I've added a second buddy - the 370 Pro - for my fitness sessions amidst the serene Dutch forests. Staying fit keeps my energy levels high and my music flowing. So, get moving, and remember, a healthy body nurtures a creative mind!

Join the Conversation

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That's all for this week, but remember, the rhythm never stops! Let's continue to energize ourselves with the power of music, the thrill of connection, and the pursuit of wellness. I can't wait to catch up with you in next week's episode!

Sebastiaan Hooft

PS. Listen carefully to the ID track in this week's episode. Who knows, its secret might just be unveiled in the upcoming episodes! Stay curious!