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The Midnight Project #062

The Midnight Project #062

Welcome to another riveting edition of The Midnight Project, where summer's golden moments are weaved into techno beats, creating a tapestry of energy and innovation.

Driving the Digital Age with Episode 062

The Midnight Project by Sebastiaan Hooft
Discover fresh techno with The Midnight Project. Weekly new releases, energizing workout mixes, and exclusive underground tracks await you.

In this week's journey, we delve into the intertwining realms of techno and artificial intelligence. Opening with Adam Beyer's "Robotic Arms," the episode offers a narrative on the evolving intersection of technology and music. Yet, amidst the pulsating beats of three AI-inspired tracks, a treat emerges with my yet-to-be-released tribute, "Madrid."

Protection: A Birthday Note in Techno

Unveiling the cover for 'Protection' - a symphony close to my heart. Dive into its rhythm; if it resonates, support it by grabbing your copy on Beatport.

As the clock ticks closer to August 13, a date marking another rotation around the sun for me, I also celebrate the birth of "Protection." This track embodies my memories, reflections, and aspirations. Dive into the vibes of "Protection," if the rhythm speaks to you, consider supporting by purchasing on Beatport. Let's make this birthday resonate on the charts.

Recharge with Electrolytes

Sipping on summer vibes. Not your usual cocktail but an energizing NoordCode electrolyte mix. Stay hydrated!

Staying hydrated has been a cornerstone for me in the studio crafting beats or during sun-soaked afternoons in the city. Staying hydrated isn't just about drinking water; our bodies need electrolytes to balance hydration and sustain cellular function. I used to buy LMNT from LiveHelfi, but they've since introduced their house brand NoordCode, which I've found impeccable. It's a pure, zero-sugar solution devoid of unnecessary additives. So, whether you're dancing the night away, amid an intense workout, or just navigating a busy day, this mix is your hydration companion. Stir it into your water for a natural energy uplift. It's transformed my hydration routine, and I'm confident it can do the same for you. Dance on, and stay hydrated!

🍹 CTA: Elevate your hydration. Use code SEB10 at LiveHelfi to experience a zestful blend of Lemon-Orange.

Signing off, keeping the rhythm alive, embracing innovation, and letting music be our souls' language.

Yours in music,
Sebastiaan Hooft

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