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The Midnight Project #069

The Midnight Project #069

As the rhythm of life syncs with the fall, The Midnight Project is here with another dynamic episode culminating in beats, stories, and two exclusive soundscapes.

#069: A Blend of Known & Unknown

DJ producer & Author Sebastiaan Hooft
Dive into Dutch DJ Sebastiaan Hooft’s techno world. Experience The Midnight Project, his weekly show every Wednesday 6 AM (CET). Subscribe for updates.
Please find the full tracklist and direct links to SoundCloud, YouTube, Mixcloud, and Apple Podcasts for all my sets at 👉 1001tracklists. Dive into the beats!

Beyond the signature artists like Victor Ruiz, Space 92, and Charles D reworking Julien Jeweil, I'm thrilled to preview an unreleased track by ADAMK & Vikthor, a staple in Carl Cox's summer sets. This banger officially releases next month, but you get a taste today! Additionally, savor the hauntingly beautiful tones of an unreleased André Pillar track. These two tracks are game-changers.

ADE 2023: Spotlight on Techno

I'm excited about my ADE showcase with SPRINGSTOFF at Boom Chicago! Check out the full line-up and details at 👉 ADE Showcase SPRINGSTOFF. See you there!

The Amsterdam Dance Event is upon us, and the anticipation is electric. Join me as I work up the room at Boom Chicago on Wednesday, where SPRINGSTOFF presents the best of their Berlin-based music label.

Support 'ELITE' and Get Exclusive Swag!

THE ENERGY IS ELECTRIC whenever I drop 'Elite' from the decks! Join the movement and support the track. 👉 Grab your copy on Beatport, and let's push it to the top!

Your love propelled 'Elite' into the Beatport new releases charts at #88 yesterday! I invite you to support our journey by grabbing your copy from Beatport here if you haven't done that yet. As a token of appreciation, send me your purchase receipt and address, and I'll make sure a premium The Midnight Project laptop sticker finds its way to you.

Wellness Tip of the Week: Grounding

Finding moments of grounding in the rhythm of life. Grounding myself to stay connected and energized.

Grounding exercises help you connect with the present, easing stress and heightening awareness. Try these simple steps I practice daily:

  1. Nature Walk: Spend 10 minutes walking barefoot on grass or It's. Feel the Earth's energy.
  2. Breathing Exercise: Take a deep breath, count to four, hold for eight counts, and exhale for another eight. Repeat five times.
  3. Five Senses Exercise: Identify five things you can see, four you can touch, three you can hear, two you can smell, and one you can taste. It's a quick way to anchor yourself to the present.

Stay connected to the beat, both of techno and your heart.

See you next week,
Sebastiaan Hooft

P.S. Dive into the beat with 'Elite.' Elevate your playlist and support the journey by grabbing your copy here. Let the music transcend!